Such a lot of world

Such a lot of world, 2011, video installation with sound, HD (16:9), 8:28, stereo audio
Combination of video and audio recorded with mobile phone. This is a selection from a collection of several dozen movies and sounds recorded while two years living in Warsaw and one life streaming video captured at 19:27:16 (polish time zone) from the internet camera on Fiji. I use also the Moon River song recorded from the radio at 18:58:02 July 2011 and sounds from December 2010 14:25:18, February 2011 18:38:04, July 2011 21:26:28; than the video from December 2009 08:52:20, January 2011 17:21:16, July 2011 17:38:10, August 2011 09:07:14.

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